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  • Doesn’t it seem like everyone else at the box has morphed into a chiseled warrior® but you?
  • Isn’t the progress toward your goals illogically slow?
  • Aren’t you perplexed by what foods and supplements are gonna give you that EDGE?
  • Should we even get into your faulty digestion, joint and muscle pain, skin issues, fatigue and headaches?

No More BUT’S
Suck it up
Imagine when…

  • Naturally, almost magically, your body is lean, toned and ridonculously strong.
  • People are drooling over your new energy, power and confidence.
  • FINALLY, you have a food, supplement and body-balancing regiment that’s a no-brainer!
  • You’re killin’ it at the Box, PR-ing on a regular basis, doing WODs As RX and COMPETING!

Ha Ha! Yea Right?
Beast Mode

  • Chip away at symptoms, struggles and walls you have hit.
  • Go beyond clean eating basics and into food as an antidote.
  • Engage in WOD-specific visualization and affirmations.
  • Share secrets to stay loose, limber, pain and injury free.
  • Design a fail-proof game plan for ongoing success.

  • Listen up…

    I was throwing up after eating no matter what I ate or what I did; acid reflux kept me from getting even 2 hours of straight sleep. I couldn’t even do a WOD without throwing up. On top of that, I was sore all the time, my joints ached, I wasn’t improving at the box, I had food cravings and I was tired all the time. I tried everything from Paleo to various supplements, nothing worked.

    Within three days of starting The Beast Mode Method I stopped throwing up. I put on 15 pounds of muscle! I am now the guy you want to compete against during a WOD. As CrossFitters we value our box and the work we put in.  By adding The Beast Mode Method to your workout, you will be adding a worthwhile investment to your game plan.

    Josiah B, Frederick

  • Listen up…

    Though I had lost over 80 pounds, I was struggling to break through to the next level in terms of strength, muscle tone and overall fitness. I had been doing Paleo and drinking protein powders trying to get results.

    I loved how refreshing The Beast Mode Method was.  With The Beast Mode Method I was able to say goodbye for good to bloating, fatigue, excess weight, skin and digestive issues, mood swings and joint pain.

    I gained muscle tone more quickly, made improvements in my WOD times and PR on a regular basis.  I know the guidance she is giving me is her passion and she is the BEST person to have on my team!

    I believe The Beast Mode Method was the best thing I could do while pregnant to maintain my strength and endurance while growing my healthy baby. If you aspire to reach the next level in fitness, health and strength…this is the step you need to take to get there!

    Libby, Fredrick

  • Listen up…

    Before The Beast Mode Method I had issues with my weight and digestive system. I had tried everything from Paleo to The Zone, even vegetarianism, weight loss programs and pills to try to reach my goals.

    Working with Erin “The Beast” was so educational! Through her program got rid of bloating, digestive problems, fatigue, weight issues, skin problems, food craving and mood swings for good!

    I have a lot more stamina to get through my WODs. This is the best I have ever felt. The Beast Mode Method is worth the investment to feel the best you possibly can, and get you to your goals FAST!

    Lindsey, Minneapolis

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