Why should I commit to The Beast Mode Method instead of another program geared toward achieving total health and better athletic performance and health?

The Beast Mode Method combines all the best aspects of various scientifically proven dietary theories, your unique health history, your individual goals and results of your food sensitivity panel, hormonal panels and toxicity panels; which are all being conducted through state of the art specialty labs so we know your results are accurate.

I’m a fellow CrossFitter and certified natural health care and nutrition professional.  For over 8 years I’ve helped countless clients overcome tremendous health conditions through personalized dietary modification, individualized supplementation and various other tried and true protocols. You will get a customized program from top to bottom, the one on one support you crave and “The Beast” rooting you on, all the way to YOUR Inner Beast.


How do I know if The Beast Mode Method is right for me?

The Beast Mode Method was designed specifically for CrossFitters who are:

  • Willing to take a chance and open up to new ideas and approaches
  • Go getters; you dream big and go after what you want
  • Willing to participate wholeheartedly in bringing out their inner beast full force (I can give you the tools, but I can’t do it FOR you!)
  • Positive thinkers
  • Those who want to be proactive about their health for the long haul

If the following describes you please do not sign up because we are not going to be a good fit:

  • Those who jump from one thing to the next without really ever giving anything a full effort or chance, always looking for “the next best thing”
  • Those who would rather not explore new ideas and approaches
  • Those who have attached themselves to their mishaps or conditions as “the way it will always be”
  • Those who don’t want to go all out for what they want
  • Negative Nellies
  • Those who would rather be reactive instead of proactive about their health


Am I going to have to go on some sort of crazy diet?

NO WAY! GROSS! Diets are temporary “fixes” that no one can stick to long term. That’s why they don’t work, or only work for a short period of time. Who wants that?! Inside The Beast Mode Method we will fine tune YOUR individual dietary needs based on your unique biochemistry, goals and lifestyle to create a plan that works for you and that you feel happy and confident with; nothing crazy and no guilt about “cheating”. The number one rule is: THERE ARE NO RULES! Be sure you download my FREE gift The Beast Mode Method Fundamentals to learn more about how I work as a practitioner to fine tune my clients’ programs.


How long of a program is The Beast Mode Method and what is my time investment going to look like?

I understand you have a life and commitments outside of your health and fitness goals, so with that in mind, I have formulated The Beast Mode Method to deliver maximum results without taking up every second of your free time. There will be 11 – 1 hour one-on-one phone appointments, a couple short weekly videos, a few workbooks and questionnaires that will aid us in our on-one-on appointments and email support. The program is 14 weeks long, including 2 “life happens” buffer weeks, which are weeks where you may not be able to put as much attention into the program and so we will just roll that week’s content to the next.


Do you coach men too?

Heck yes! If you are CrossFitter who wants to reach your goals and is willing to work for it, then this is just the place for you! Check out my testimonials on the home page to learn about the journeys of my various male clients.


What is the cost of bringing out my inner “BEAST”?

After we have had a phone consultation to assure we are on the same page and you are a perfect fit for The Beast Mode Method and my coaching style we will then discuss the program’s tuition information. The program’s results driven content plus the added bonuses and gifts are well worth the investment!


Beast Mode

Free Video Training

  • Learn common food pit falls
  • Gain insight into the effects of hormones
  • Access the tricky world of supplementation
  • Gain a mental edge over your competitors
  • Learn strategic goal setting
  • PLUS… A. Whole. Lot. More!

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